We support students, staff and faculty through a variety of services: registering students each semester, evaluating transfer credit, issuing grades and academic transcripts.


Your advisor will provide you with a pin number to access online registration for 蓝色的field State University, or you may prepare a registration form and deliver it to the Registrar’s office.


The 注册处 certifies that students have fulfilled all requirements for graduation. Read the graduation check-list and complete the Application for 毕业 from the forms section. The application must be completed the semester prior to the semester in which you plan to graduate. 请浏览 开始页面 to view details about the upcoming date and to submit your photo.

President's and 优秀学生名单

蓝色的field State University students with a GPA of 3.8 or higher receive the honor of being listed on the 总统列表 each semester. Students with a GPA of 3.25 or better receive the honor of being listed on the 优秀学生名单. Click below to view the President's and 优秀学生名单 for the previous semester. To be eligible for the President’s or 优秀学生名单, a student must be degree-seeking and carry a minimum of 12 semester hours at 蓝色的field State College (excluding developmental level courses).


We are pleased to announce that you can now order your 蓝色的field State University Academic Transcript online 24 hours a day, 一周7天. Transcript Ordering, a service of the National Student Clearinghouse, 提供了一个快速的, simple and secure way to order copies of your transcript via the Web. You will be guided through the easy step-by-step process and receive email updates on your order, which you can also track online.


Transfer Equivalency System

参观 Transfer Equivalency System to see how your credits will transfer.


获得成功! 八周的课程

Winter Intersession



Degree Verification Requests

If you are an employer or background screening firm requesting degree and enrollment verification for 蓝色的field State, 请浏览 National Student Clearinghouse

Student Right-To-Know Act

The Student Right-to-Know Act requires Title IV institutions to post graduation and retention rates of all full-time students who enter the institution. 请浏览 Student Right-to-Know page for 蓝色的field State.

Family Educational Rights & 隐私法

Each year 蓝色的field State is required to give notice of the various rights accorded to parents and students pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and 隐私法 (FERPA).


The 注册处 is located on the first floor of Conley Hall, 101房间, on the main campus in 蓝色的field, WV.

Regular office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.